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You can create, publish, and manage a session and users can check-in to the session.


The mobile application will automatically create game cards for you to key in the scores.


The mobile application supports adding members and assign roles.

Digital wallet

The mobile application provides a user digital wallet. You can top-up your wallet to pay for expenses in the club and when you shop around in the Krida marketplace.


Members of a given club can use the chat module to converse within the group.


You can shop around in the Krida marketplace, and place orders using your Digital Wallet and can also track the delivery.


You can create both public and private events using the mobile application and it supports event modelling too.


As an admin of a club, you can manage the stock, e.g., shuttlecocks left.


You can create an expense that can be shared with few other members of the club.


The mobile application provides a broad training module that comprises lesson management, training season planning and execution.


Welcome aboard, all sellers of sports products & services

If you are a seller of sports products and services, such as racquets, shuttles and re-stringing services, or if you offer sports related medical services, such as physio, we would love to have you on board. All you need to do is simply register on the website to get access to the Krida marketplace that is aimed for launch in a few weeks.

Store Management

You can manage product & service catalogue, upload pictures, set prices and manage orders.


You can benefit from integrated shipping services, which provide access to a worldwide delivery network, including tracking.


The platform supports the return of products with a seamless experience.


Invoices are easy to manage on the platform, with reports available too.

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23 Jan, 2022
What are the benefits of playing badminton?

Let's be honest, smashing the shuttlecock towards your opponent with all the power you can muster is a great feeling, and a really good stress reliever. While many would quote this as the number one advantage of playing Badminton, there are many more, from physical well-being to mental wellness.

12 Jan, 2022
What are the rules when playing badminton?

One thing that every sport has in common is a set of rules for the game. Without rules and regulations, there would be chaos. It would be difficult, for example, to determine the winner and whether they won the match fairly or not.

05 Jan, 2022
What are the basic game strategies when playing badminton?

Working on your speed, agility, endurance and other physical skills is essential for executing your game strategies effectively, but the approach you take to winning the game determines how well you use those physical abilities to your best advantage.

29 Dec, 2021
What are the basic exercises required when playing badminton?

In a game where the shuttle’s speed can exceed 490 km/h, you need the full support of your body to be able to react. To do that requires physical training.

21 Dec, 2021
What is the right nutrition for badminton players

You may have the best equipment in the world, but if you don’t follow a balanced nutritious diet, you’re not giving yourself the best fuel and you are unlikely to see the results you’re aiming for on court when playing badminton.

05 Dec, 2021
What are the right shoes for me when playing badminton?

When a Badminton player is sliding from one side of the court to another to return their opponent's smashes, the part of their physiology that sustains the most pressure is the foot.

01 Dec, 2021
What are the common badminton injuries?

Today, we’re going to look at a topic that no-one wants to think about too much, but in case it does make itself known, it helps to understand in advance how to deal with it and, better still, to avoid it altogether if possible. We are talking about injuries.

23 Nov, 2021
What is a badminton racquet and what is my type?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the next piece of essential equipment, the racquet, and go through the important aspects to consider when deciding which type of racquet is right for you.

18 Nov, 2021
What is a badminton shuttle and why do I care?

Before we dive into specifics and why you should care about the shuttlecock you are using, let’s understand some basics.

About us

We are a British startup firm and have been working with many coaches and players all across the globe over the past 18 months, trying to understand their day-to-day routine and problems that could be solved digitally. What we have learnt so far,

Krida Coach


A coach focuses on training plans, schedules, lessons and keeping track of students’ performance and their readiness for tournaments.

Krida Professional Player
Professional Player

Proff. Player

A professional club player focuses on improving skills, challenging games and striving to be the best at their level.

Krida Social Club Member
Social Club Member

Social Club Member

A social club player focuses more on enjoying the game, skill improvement, burning few calories and most importantly, staying socially connected.

Krida Administrator


An admin of the club focuses on managing the club itself that includes finances, stock membership and many more.

Krida Parent


A parent is mostly interested in how their kids are performing and the improvement over time.

Student Card


A student is interested in learning new skills, keeping up with fellow students, team-working and striving to be competitive.


We have listened … and responded with an all-in-one platform that enables you to fully manage your sports sessions and events, and more besides. You also benefit from the ability to go back in time and view session history.

Our 2022 feature roadmap includes advanced data science algorithms, predictions, industry standard guidance, real-time visualisations, data streaming … and much more, taking the sport to a new level that the world has not seen before.

Our mission is to build a global community of like-minded individuals through a platform of digital resources that enables players, coaches and organisers to capture memories of their games in a sporting journal that allows them to go back in time to cherish the moments and track their journey in this amazing sport. We strongly believe that the more you play, the healthier you become and the more opportunity you will have to contribute to a healthy planet.